Solar PV

All Eco Energy is one of the UK's premier providers of major solar PV projects. Whether you are after a single system, or a national programme over hundreds of sites, our team will be the right one for you.
We are specialists in projects of all sizes. We cover the entire process from initial consultation and can offer attractive finance options to offset the initial cost of solar PV being fitted.
If you are looking for smaller systems, typically domestic in nature, our team are able to link you to one of our approved local partners. These partners provide exceptional service, and exception prices.
If you are looking for a major project - 30kW or more, then our team will will assess, design and deliver your project on a turn-key basis.

We deliver solar PV systems on a flat roofs, pitched roofs or ground mount arrays. We deliver large scale solar PV systems on farms, distribution centres, leisure centres and more. We work with businesses, councils, colleges, schools, farmers and many other types of organisations to deliver cost effective, investment grade solar PV.
Solar PV is a great way to meet with customers’ and stakeholders’ green objectives, ensure you meet your legal compliance, reducing consumption of fossil fuels, or simply to earn money and hedge against future energy price increases.
Simply contact our team on 0121 742 4844 to find out more.

(NOTE - Homeowners should check our Free Solar PV Offer.)

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